UPDATE on PURITAN: All of Life to the Glory of God

We are very thankful to so many of you for trusting us and partnering in our ambitious documentary project on the Puritans during the production and pre-order phase. We have had so many excellent reviews of the early release of the online streaming option while you wait for your deluxe package to arrive in the mail.

The current position is that just one piece of the jigsaw is holding up the whole shipment. Everything for inside the box (something like 250,000 pieces of posters, DVDs, cards, books and more) are ready and in place, but the beautiful box itself has not yet arrived so we can place everything inside it and send it to you. We are so very sorry about this disappointing delay which we only just found out about ourselves. We are now assured by the manufacturer that they will arrive at the consolidators around 9/26, when everything will move at break-neck speed to get this to you over the following days. Please know that we have consistently made further suggestions and proposals, and have even changed supplier to speed this up. We also have significant hope that we can receive an early partial shipment so that we can fulfill those who have been waiting the longest.

Once again, we and our friends at Media Gratiae unreservedly apologize and ask for your forgiveness for this unexpected development. Thank you for your patience.

We are confident you will be delighted with the end result. Please continue to pray with us that this will be a blessing to many.

Every blessing.
David Woollin
Sales and Marketing Manager